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About Us

Nowadays we live in a constant rush trying to find peace, beauty, and a safe asylum in our home and the places where we live. The need for safety, quality of life in a beautiful environment has become common and necessary. People want to protect what they love and surround themselves with objects that satisfy them as an end-user.

Alumentica is one of the fastest-growing manufacturers of doors, door frames, furniture, and furniture accessories, Alumentica is also a leading supplier of components for the furniture industry. The company has reached this position with continuous investment in technology,human-resource and customer-satisfaction.

Quality is paramount - this is the basic issue in the design phase and remains the common denominator for all production processes. Alumentica continually strives to ensure the optimal quality of its products, taking into account the individual needs of users. All Alumentica products meet European standards. The high level of products and services next to the price and delivery time is the primary objective of the Company, ensuring its perception as a trusted partner.We dream of delivering a top notch customer experience which is why we want to scale our customer experience by assessing every parameter behind the delivery of an end product.








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continually striving to ensure optimal quality of Alumentica products,
taking into account the individual needs of users.

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